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    These instructions will help you turn your HP TouchPad demo unit into a fully functional retail unit. You will be able to activate a new webOS account and have full access to the App Catalog.

    I want to start by saying that I did not come up with these instructions all on my own. The first section of this was written by bluepoint951. The remainder was put together by myself, with testing help from a few other members. I thought it was necessary and useful to post a complete tutorial. Many thanks to bluepoint951 (for the instructions on bypassing activation), chekz (for the activation bypass tool), lalifeguards (for the US retail productSKU), and WebOS Internals (for Preware, Impostah, and all your homebrew needs).

    On to the instructions…

    Step 1

    This first step removes the DEMO software, allows you to update to webOS 3.0.2, and keeps you from getting stuck on trying to register a webOS account.

    You will need this file:
    Right click and Save as: or FileServe Download (again thanks to chekz)


    1. If you have not done so already, update to webOS 3.0.2
    a. To do this download this:

    b. Run the aforementioned file by double clicking (You must have Java installed; I did this on Windows 7 Ultimate 64-bit)

    c. Continue thru the setup until you get to the step where you are asked to connect your device with a USB cable. ***Do not connect your TouchPad at this step***

    d. On your TouchPad shut down the tablet (you should be able to do this by holding the power option for a few seconds and selecting the "Shut Down" option. If you can't get that to come up you can force a restart by holding the "Home" button and power button at the same time for apx 5-10sec).

    e. Restart/Start-up you device holding the Power button and the Volume Up button (This boots the device into Recovery Mode). You will know if you are successful when you see the USB logo on your screen.

    f. Connect your TouchPad to your computer; on screen you should be able to hit the next button to allow your device to be updated.
    g. Allow 10-15min for the application to finish; at the end it will tell you the device is resetting. You will see a small HP logo on your TouchPad, disconnect the USB from your computer.

    h. Once the upgrade is complete and has loaded you can attempt to login or create and account but if you have a demo unit; you won't be able to register. [aka ERROR CODE: PalmS3036]

    2. Power down your TouchPad (see step 1d for help if needed).

    3. Hold down the Power and Volume Up button to allow your device to boot into Recovery Mode. You should see a USB logo on screen. (see step 1e for help if needed)

    4. On your desktop, unzip the file. You might want to copy this un-zipped file to your C: drive to make the next step easier.

    5. You will need to open a Command Prompt (for Vista and/or Win7 you might need to run as Administrator by right clicking on the icon in your Start>Programs>Accessories folder)

    6. Change to the directory where the unzipped file is located (i.e. C:\chekz-devicetool )

    7. Connect your TouchPad to your Computer ***Do not enter USB mode on the TouchPad***

    8. In your Command Prompt type the following command: java -jar devicetool.jar

    9: You should see the following (your device will restart a time or two):

    10. Once you see the "Device is ready." You can disconnect your TouchPad from your computer.

    11. When you power on your TouchPad, you should go straight to the home screen; by bypassing the activation screen.

    Step 2

    This step will help you create and activate a webOS account on your TouchPad. Currently at this point you have a semi-functional TouchPad. It does not have a webOS account linked to it so you do not have access to the App Catalog or any other functions that require a webOS account.


    1. Download WebOS Quick Install (WebOS Quick Install v4.2.3).

    2. Open the aforementioned downloaded file (i.e. WebOSQuickInstall-4.2.3.jar).

    3. If your TouchPad is not connected, you will get a message that says "No Devices Found". Connect your TouchPad (do not enter USB mode) and hit OK.

    3. Click the third button on the right (the globe icon).

    4. Select the Applications tab at the top.

    5. Search for “Preware” (without quotes).

    6. Click Install.

    7. On your Touchpad, on the home screen hit the Launcher icon (on the bottom right, looks like an arrow) and go to the Downloads Tab.

    8. Touch/open the program Preware.

    9. In the top right corner, touch/open the Magnifying Glass and type in "Impostah" (without quotes). Click the one result that comes up.

    10. At the bottom of the description page you should see an Install button; touch/click to install the program.

    11. Once the download and install is complete, you should be able to launch the program. (If you are brought back to the Launcher, Impostah can be found in the Downloads tab).

    12. Once Impostah is launched, select the Activation button.

    13a. For Existing webOS Account holders, you should be able to type in your email address and password and hit Login To Profile. (It is recommended that you follow the next step to create a new account)

    13b. For New Users, type in the email address you wish to associate your account with and the password you wish to use. Then hit the Create New Profile button. You should see message asking you to confirm that you wish to proceed. To continue simply hit the green "Create New Profile" button.

    (If you get an error here, scroll down to “Oh no!, I got an error…”, If no error continue to next step)

    14. To verify that your TouchPad has your webOS Account associated with your device. Open the Launcher, go to the Settings Tab, then touch/open the "Device Info" icon. You should see the e-mail address you used to register/log-in to your account listed in the "HP webOS Account" field. If the "Name" field is blank, you will need to tap the blank area and enter your name.

    15. You are done! Enjoy! You can now access the HP App catalog and other webOS features.

    If you want to verify your account was created, you can log-in to your webOS Account here: Manage my HP webOS Account

    “Oh no! I got an error and Impostah won’t register my account!” Don’t worry. This is common and happened to me as well. Continue on to step 3.

    Step 3

    This step will help you get past the error “PAMS3041 INVALID DEVICE MODEL NO PRODUCT SKU AVAILABLE.”


    1. Reboot your TouchPad and then launch Preware.

    2. Ensure you have the latest version on Impostah installed (v0.9.12 is the latest). To check go to Installed Packages > Application and then look for Impostah in the list. The version number is right under the name.

    3. Add the testing feeds for the touchpad (armv7) (Instructions here: Testing Feeds - WebOS Internals )

    4. Tap Preware menu in top left corner and then choose "Update Feeds".

    5. After feeds update, tap the magnifying glass at the top right.

    6. Search for "Device Profile Service Override" (without the quotes) and install.

    7. After install reboot your TouchPad again.

    8. After startup run Impostah.

    9. Go to Device Profile > Device Profile Overrides.

    10. Then in the “New Override” field, hit “attribute” with the small arrow to bring up the list. Select “productSku” from the list.

    11. In the “Value” field it should have some text like “FB464UA#ABA”. Click on that text and change it to FB359UA#ABA and then select “Set Override”.

    12. Now go back to “Activation” in Impostah and activate a new account. (See Step 2 #13b for more details)

    That's it. You should now get a successful activation with Impostah. You'll now have full access to the HP App Catalog and everything else that comes with having a webOS account.

    *Side note on the productSku. The productSku given in the instructions is for the US retail model. It has also been confirmed to work with the Australian retail productSku of FB427UA#UUF.

    I hope this helps everyone who has purchased a demo unit from a retailer.
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    Do retailers sell the demo units??? I thought they weren't allowed to.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Smartfah View Post
    Do retailers sell the demo units??? I thought they weren't allowed to.
    Some retailers have sold the demo units. I convinced the manager into selling me a demo unit. I told him I knew it was a demo, it might not be fully functional, and I wouldn't return it. He sold it to me. I've seen other posts from people saying they've gotten the demos from Radio Shack and Walmart.
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    yes they did - that's probably why HP unlocked the serial numbers to allow a doctored TP to sign into a new or existing profile.

    OP - why not just download the doctor and run it instead of doing all of the above. For my demo TP that's all it took to get into my existing profile and have full access to the app catalog?
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    Wow. Had I known, I probably would have tried to buy one since I missed out on the fire sale.
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    Quote Originally Posted by treo2die4 View Post
    yes they did - that's probably why HP unlocked the serial numbers to allow a doctored TP to sign into a new or existing profile.

    OP - why not just download the doctor and run it instead of doing all of the above. For my demo TP that's all it took to get into my existing profile and have full access to the app catalog?
    You are one of the lucky ones. I've heard from several people that all it took was for them to doctor it and it works. I was not so lucky. I had to go thru all the steps I posted to get mine to activate a new account. I've also been reading (here and at other sites) of people still having issues getting an account on their demo unit. I thought it was worth making a guide. If I can help someone else, it was worth it.
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    by all means, assist away. Didn't mean to offend :-)
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    thanks for the credit jovo55.......just a lil update does who got their demos from Radioshack, we just received info that they got a hold on enough to swap them out. So go back to the store you bought it from and the manager will send feedback to one of our departments who will then ship one out to the store. THESE ARE NOT FOR SALE so dont think radioshack has them I'm stock. This is only for people that bought demos from us.
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    Hey thanks for your guide man, it worked great for me! I got my demo unit from wal-mart tonight for $90 (32GB )
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    Quote Originally Posted by treo2die4 View Post
    by all means, assist away. Didn't mean to offend :-)
    I wasn't offended. You asked why I posted the instructions so I was responding. Sorry if it sounded like I was upset. Its all good. ;-)
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    this is awsome :-) thanks a lot ill try to buy one at my local futureshop :-)
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    Does anyone know if there will ever be a day when we won't have to do this after every doctor?
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    Wow - I came here to see if I could get help with my Demo - but I am stuck on the low prices people got for their demos. I had to pay full-price for one and near-full price for the other - which altogether sucks since one has a lot of damage on the back and the other has scratches. Someone on FB wants one of them - and I might just take the other one back to Walmart, since they gave me 15 days to return it.
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    Hey, thanks a lot. It worked for me!!! Took a long *** time to troubleshoot some minor stuff.

    If I'm successful logging into the app market and downloading after STEP 2, is step 3 required still??

    What happens if I do a factory reset on this device? Do I have to go through this every single time??

    edit: if you do a factory restore, it will restore to demo settings and you will have to do this all over again. Only permanent solution is to send it back under warranty to HP. Or wait for android....
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    do you know what number we call at hp to send it back to get one that is not demo?
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    Hi, when I connect my demo unit at step 1f the software won't let me press the next button. Any idea? Windows 7 is showing connected device, opening autostart and I see many BIN files and image folder. When I change USB port W7 looking for drivers and can't find novacom unknown bootie, should I download it and install before try to remove demo?On the Touchpad screen I have USB sign plus console saying: pmux version 3 startup, usb: reset, entering main console loop.

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