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    Is it like the Hula Hoop or how about beanie babies. How many people are buying these because everyone else is! Your kidding me about how good these things are. There definitely not worth paying the extra money for on ebay! I have one and yes the user interface is great better than any Tablet for being able to have multiple windows open no real apps thou. There is crap for ports. Other companies are beginning to discount there tablets also. The #1 reason also not to go crazy over these is Black Friday is coming wait and see some big discounts on other brands will be coming, a frenzy over what!

    I posted this earlier yes the Hula hoop is still made but when they first came out everyone had to have one so people were jacking the price up hard. Im not complaining all I was trying to say is if over a million HP Touchpads were made people should calm down and the price on ebay would come down. This was my first Tablet so for me its quite good don't know any difference and with the holidays coming up prices on most tablets will be dropping. If your talking about complaints you need to close all the threads about people complaining about there orders!
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    TouchPad is worth a minimum of $250 regardless of whether people are willing to pay for them or not.

    ebay is ebay, a few people on precentral aren't going to be able to change that.
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    At this point I agree with you. We shall see by Black friday where the price is!
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    please read the forum guidelines before posting again.
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