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    Have only had it for 4 days and won't turn on today. I have a suspicion that the charger may have been damaged so maybe battery is just dead and won't charge. Yesterday I went to unplug it from the wall and it came apart. Is this normal for the round disc part of the charger that the usb plugs into and then into the wall to come apart it two pieces? I just snapped it back together so thought it was ok. Anyone know if this thing is supposed to come apart?
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    Sounds like you are trying to charge a TouchPad with the round disk charger for the phone. The TouchPad has a different charger stand. Charge by using the cable in the USB port.

    If the TouchPad is charged; but, will not boot, hold the power button and the control button (right edge of screen) for a 15 count.
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    I am using the wall charger that came with it. It looks like the charger for my Pre only it is larger. I don't have a touchstone charger for TouchPad yet.
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    some of the chargers weren't snapped together. twist it, and then twist it back. the other thing to try is power and home button for 30 sec.
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    Thanks, Mikesus, did what you said and it came back on!!! Guess charger is ok. Do you know if you can just plug into desktop comp. with usb to charge?
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    You can plug it into a computer's USB port, but it will not show as charging because a computer's port doesn't put out enough amperage to charge at a full rate. It will charge however, but only a trickle-charge that will take several hours to get your device up to full.

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