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    The Touchpad seems to open most live streaming video's but some, I get this error message in the streaming browser window:

    "Connection refused: Application rejected connection"

    Anyone know a fix around this? All my flash properties are enabled ON in the Web Settings.
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    I have seen this on some streaming web sites as well. It used to work when I first got my touchpad and was wondering if a patch I installed stopped the ability. I tried removing patches like hulu patch and others but I can't figure out what broke it.
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    I think this is some sort of cache problem. Streams that used to work suddenly stop working. WebOS doctor doesn't fix this, BUT if you go to device info and do a full erase those streams will start to work again. Unfortunately, after a little while, your 'cache' gets full, or corrupted again somehow. This is not related to your browser cache, clearing that won't help. Editing your browser cache settings doesn't seem to have much effect either. It also has something to do with how the flash is embedded too. That's why youtube and some other streams continue to work.

    Been looking around the filesystem trying to figure it out but I'm not much closer than when I started.

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