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    When read ebooks on touchpad, the text looks a little fuzzy, but the bold and big words display OK. Is this normal?
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    When read ebooks on touchpad, the text looks a little fuzzy, but the bold and big words display OK. Is this normal?
    Does it happen after you open/minimize the card?
    Mine does that sometimes, i just put it in card mode and back, or lock/unlock the screen.
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    Some of the text rendering sucks. A lot of webpages have poor rendering as well as text in the time magazine app. Just another example of why the touchpad met its demise.
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    The text rendering in the browser in particular is flat out eye-strainingly awful, particularly if you zoom in or out at all. I bought the Touchpad primarily as a web browsing device, and was sufficiently disappointed with exactly this detail that I listed the device for sale on eBay a few days after I bought it. While I've since toyed with the idea of cancelling the auction (it still has several days to go) and banking on the eventual Android port to address these issues, the bidding has now significantly exceeded twice what I originally paid, so I've decided to put the proceeds of this auction towards an actual Android tablet rather than settling for a probably buggy implementation on a non-native device.
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    I notice the same thing when zooming in on .pdfs of powerpoint presentations.
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    there may be two things involved

    1. people has reported that the pdf does no zoom to a good level to make small fonts clear
    2. the low resolution of the screen is doubled by the palm's own font, which is nice on a small screen, but no good on big one, sometimes fonts are attached with each other and make it had to see. To make things worse, webOS browser is enforcing this font to all webpages, and not respect the webpage design. This has to change in a future update, if there will be one.

    Font problem is a major one for me from the begining.
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    All right! As long as it's webos's fault, I think I will keep touch pad and wait to port android on it. Do you think Android will fix the problem?
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    Read this post to temporarily solve the problem.

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