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    HP has managed to make a computing device almost the same size as the MBA 11.6 running a mobile operating system and still make it a lot slower than the pre2 which is one of the smallest smartphones. Then they make it almost entirely out of plastic with half baked software and try and sell it for the price of the iPad.

    I admit for 100 its not bad but when you consider the MBA 11.6 packs much much better specs, full windows 7 which can run cod4, a full hardware keyboard, trackpad, 2usbs and video out into a similar size package and its rock solid and made of aluminium it really is difficult to justify using my TouchPad, which is why I'm selling it on.

    The general experience of webOS on this form factor is fantastic but the execution by hp is a disaster.
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    You lost me at Windows 7
    Pilot 5000 > Pre > Pre2 > Pre3 > Galaxy Nexus
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    Quote Originally Posted by RedMist View Post
    You lost me at Windows 7
    took you that long?
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    you just lost me
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    Did he say something or is there a cricketing the house ?
    Here is a direct link to webOS Doc for all carriers
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    You'd be lucky to get 50 cups of coffee from starbucks for the price of a touchpad, so stop your whining !

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