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    With the recent announcements, I have taken a spare TouchPad apart to do some hardware modding. I plan on piggy backing one of the 10 cheap SD readers that I purchased from DealExtreme to the TouchPad's SIM slot, internally. At the moment, I'm also looking for alternative methods of internal power for USB Host Mode, as well as a reliable source of 5v power for the SD card reader.

    While I'm in here, I might as well look for a solution to remove the creeks that plague the "cold" screen TouchPads, most notably the one at the center of the rear, so I will do this as well. If successful this will render the use of a Y-power adapter moot for those who use USB devices. Will either lead to anything? I can't promise, but my multimeter and I are hopeful. Stay tuned!
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    Good luck! This ought to be interesting.
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    Great idea...

    If this works out, there is hope for external wireless cards and some war-driving no doubt ;-)
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    Awesome. Good luck!
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    I was going to have a poke around my self. But my touchpad still hasn't shown up ! Anyway good luck, we're all counting on you
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    Good luck, keep us informed of any developments!

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