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    nah mate i already posted this made no difference...

    Live able for now
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    Quote Originally Posted by barbedwiredave View Post
    i had the same problem with the keyboard, wacky scrolling and almost impossible to stack cards. it is @ hp for repair now
    Hey Dave,

    Let us know how it went with HP and if they were able to fix it. I just wonder if by the time i get it back from HP androi will be already or almost ported lol!

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    Quote Originally Posted by alexp4p View Post
    Thanks Picassokat!

    I tried everything i could i went thru the whole butler service and doctor. I took it back to the store and surprisingly they had one left in stock in the warehouse! I should get my replacement on tues/wed. If not they are holding it for me just in case and I'll send the broken touchpad back to HP for an RMA... I've already got the box coming to me just in case i have to send to back.

    Thanks for your help!
    Great! Hopes it all works out for you
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