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    Is it like the Hula Hoop or how about beanie babies. How many people are buying these because everyone else is! Your kidding me about how good these things are. There definitely not worth paying the extra money for on ebay! I have one and yes the user interface is great better than any Tablet for being able to have multiple windows open no real apps thou. There is crap for ports. Other companies are beginning to discount there tablets also. The #1 reason also not to go crazy over these is Black Friday is coming wait and see some big discounts on other brands will be coming, a frenzy over what!
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    Cool story bro!
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    1.You can still buy hula hoops.

    2. The likelihood of other companies discounting their tablets is a direct result of the fire-sale. (opinion, like your post,)

    3. How good these are is subjective. Having bought one at full price, and coming from a Palm Pre-...I was pretty (and still am for that matter) happy with it. I ended up getting my $404 (price match refund for 32GB) back, and just happened to spot a few more on the shelf. I walked out of the store with $200 and change....and a second 32GB TouchPad.

    4. Ports take time, I'm sure many developers took the wait and see attitude. Overnight explosion happened, what 2 weeks ago? I'm sure if any changed their minds, it will be a little while longer you until we see results. Cases in point: Picsel, and Splashtop. (again, partial opinion )

    $549... I didn't complain.....$149, I didn't complain.

    Maybe your expectations were set too high, I pretty much went in with zero expectations, and I'm happy with what I have

    Although I agree with not supporting the gold-diggers (more are on the way)
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    if you want help, there are many knowledgeable members to help. If you want to complain, this is the wrong site.
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