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    I just got my TP today and am really excited to play with it, but my problem is that i am in Iraq and we dont have any wireless internet here (well we do but you need to pull the browser up to login) and i cant get past the setup without connecting to the internet. is there anyway to either bypass this or register it another way? I have tried connectify me, and it connects to that but will not share the internet connection.

    I really hope you smart guys can figure this out...i just want to watch movies on it in to pass the time

    thank you!!!!!!
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    Unfortunately, I know of no way currently to do that. The only thing I can think of is to use your USB to connect to an internet-connected computer, and it may allow some transfer.

    In the meantime, download WebOS Quickinstall on your computer and use it to load any games, etc. that you want to have on your Touchpad. You can also download movies via the USB cable from your computer. (Note: follow the WebOS Quickinstall directions found on these forums, including putting your Touchpad in developer mode.)
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    you will need internet to activate it, and then you will be fine.
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    Just found this - evidently there is a "bypass" tool.

    Good luck!
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    Quote Originally Posted by Fisack23 View Post
    Just found this - evidently there is a "bypass" tool.

    Good luck!
    thank you for your help, looks like it should work and downloading everything now!

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