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    What is the slot for on the bottom right side of the touchpad. I've lurked for a week or so since I got my firesale touchpad, but haven't seen anything mentioned. It seems to be a retractable tray of some sort - is it for what-was-to-be-future cellular cards? The big question - does it make any hardware modes possible?
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    available for a sim card for the 3g/4g touchpad that planned.
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    I saw in another post that it isn't connected to anything electrically on the motherboard. It was only fixed in place for the future 64gb/3g touchpad.
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    it can't be used fir future like others have already mentioned
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    It has your SN and PN on it.
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    Makes sense - thanks for the reply.
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    would be a great place for an add on that adds a real USB port and card slot to be inserted. Shouldn't be hard for HP to develope one to take up that place, but they won't due to a few reasons ;P

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