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    At Jacksonville airport using touchpad and mywi because I cannot log into the free airpott system

    but it works

    Iphone 4 4.3.3

    I think you need at least 4.1 for hotspot

    it does work my wife and I both on
    I'm not here to criticize the Touchpad but to learn how to make it better.
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    Mobile hotspots are cool! I used my Pre+ in the middle of South Dakota driving cross country last summer. As is usually the case, on day 1 and 2 of my 2 week vacation, my office called and I had to revise a report...and send it back in for processing. So while my wife drove (hey, I can only do SO many things at once) I hooked up my laptop to my mobile hotspot, downloaded the markup document, and the draft report, and spent about an hour or two making the corrections, then emailed it back. That was nice! And my office appreciated the quicker turnaround instead of waiting until I reached the hotel later that night (we drove from Minneapolis to Rapid City that day...LONG day!).

    Also, my kids would want to upload updates to their facebook saying (I'm riding in a car in the middle of South Dakota...slightly west of the middle of South Dakota...from the Corn Palace...from Wall Drug...etc.
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