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    Hi guys. This may be my first post but I have been a follower of PreCentral since I first got a Pixi for my mom and I a while back. I've never had the need to write anything before since deep thorough use of the forum search has always found whatever I needed. I have broken my silence today to thank you all here at the forum, PreCentral, WebOS Internals, and all the other various and amazing sources for WebOS know how.

    I'll detail my reason for thanks below but first want to fill you in on what has happened. My dad called me earlier today crying and heart broken. Their house was on fire and he was terrified that they would lose everything. Thank God no one was home and my dad was at the vet with our dog. I tried to reassure him that maybe it was contained quickly but after arriving at the house he said it was clear that between the blaze and the intense effort the brave firemen had to use to put it out all was indeed lost. They think the fire started in the bedroom closet from a lighting short. All their clothes, furniture, food, TV, laptop, desktop, my dads meds, everything is gone. All the things you don't really think about until they are gone like my moms vast rooster decorations for the kitchen, all the picture frames ranging from a corny voice recorded I love you from us as kids to a picture of my brother in his recently earned Army uniform have perished. In the morning I'm going to see if any of the pictures stored on the other side of the house made it. They told me it's completely black and wet over there but I'm holding out hope.

    Since I'm worried about thieves tonight I had my dad get their computer hard drive to see what family pictures I can pull from it. The Red Cross is helping them out and thank God they do have some renters insurance. The crazy thing is that aside from having each other and family (which is all that they truly need) they have a Touchpad that was in the car. They have grown to love their little tablet that I hunted all over Tallahassee to find for them. They have only used it for Skype video calls to me on my Touchpad (which look great), web browsing, watching concerts on youtube, and Facebook, but as I type this I'm on my way from FSU to central Florida (im stopped while typing this) to show them that they can use it for so much more as I have learned here in this message board and from the WebOS community.

    My real reason for driving at this late hour is so that I can help them search in the morning for anything that can be saved as well as stand guard at the house tonight and beat anybody who tries to steal what little may be left (sadly people do that). When all the searching is done tomorrow I'll try to update you all. Right now and until they make plans for somewhere else they will be shacked up at my Grandmas house. I'm taking them my xbox for netflix (the missing link for my Touchpad) and a router so they can get wifi going there.

    I thank the community for making a digital life with only WebOS possible. Stories like that of Estebans will be inspiring to them, patches like those that remove so much background logging combined with overclocking via Govnah and UberKernel will be essential for the speed a sole digital gateway should have. The access to homebrew using Preware will no doubt prove useful for things like the Hulu fix, while an assortment of HP catalog apps can help replace things that are no more. Apps like Epicurious to replace cookbooks and recipes that are gone forever, Accuweather that can fill them in on the weather they would have seen on their now melted TV, the up coming Splashtop app will give them access to my PC at home if they need it, Typewriter Beta that can help them type letters they will most likely need throughtout this ordeal, and the camera app to make new memories for the time being until they can replace their digital camera.

    While our app catalog gets ragged on I can still think of numerous good quality apps that will prove themselves crucial for everything from gaming to entertainment to productivity. The reality my parents face is that times were tough for them before this, and now all they will have is their cars, phones, the clothes on their back, Red Cross help, whatever I can possibly help them with, and a Touchpad. They can't afford anything else, at least not until their insurance helps. Thank you all who contribute in any way to WebOS. For them it won't just be a gadget.


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    I'm sorry to hear about your parents misfortune. I had been thinking about scanning all our family photos and uploading them to an online photo or storage site. Those memories are irreplaceable. I hope you can salvage them. I'm glad no one was hurt and I wish your parents all the best in putting their lives back together.
    The value of knowledge is not in its possession, but in its use.
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    Good luck to your parents. It's tough losing everything like that. The touchpad would be a wonderful device to store important documents and pictures on. Easy to take with you in a case of fire.

    I have to say though that getting internet back would probably be the last of my worries.
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    Wow Daniel! I'm so sorry this happened to your parents and so glad that they are okay. I'll be pulling for all of you.
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    That sucks man. I would definitely invest in offsite storage (carbonite for example). Not sure why Malyshka would mention saving it on the Touchpad, that's still local.
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    This sounds like something out of a poorly written, made for TV movie... You use your account on the TouchPad yet? Free 50gb of online storage.
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    Quote Originally Posted by bad.horsie View Post
    That sucks man. I would definitely invest in offsite storage (carbonite for example). Not sure why Malyshka would mention saving it on the Touchpad, that's still local.
    That's true. But a touchpad is easy to take with you. Forgot about clouds, etc. Of course that would make more sense.

    A note of caution to the OPs parents: My insurance told me once that if a fire breaks out and the owners just happen to not be home and their dog just happens to not be home either, there is an automatic intensive investigation by the insurance company. Make sure they are (emotionally) prepared for that possibility. Insurance companies can be ugly beasts.
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    Wow, guys. Read the post.
    Heartrending story. I hope things begin to look up for you. I've never experienced such a tragedy but it really must be awful... I offer my sincere condolescences.
    On a positive note, I'd like to think that someone at HP might see this post and realize what a difference webOS has made in one person's life.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Malyshka View Post
    That's true. But a touchpad is easy to take with you. Forgot about clouds, etc. Of course that would make more sense.
    So you take your touchpad with you every time you leave your house?
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    Good luck mate, hope it all comes together quickly for you all.
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    You know, I've been without oower here on LI, NY since 1:30 am sunday, and I thought I had it bad.

    Reading the OPs post, though, puts a clear defining line between the words "disaster" and "inconveninced", my situation being clearly the latter to his parents, who are most definitely in the midst of the former.

    To the OP:my heart goes out to you and your family.

    I agree with your sentiment about webis and the devices and thiscommunity, especially webosinternals. Over the past 6 days, I have used myPre+ on evdo to do emergency emails, send and receive text messages and save power by switcing back n forth between airplane mode.

    Additionally my wife has kept herself quite preoccupied on her overclocked, uberkernal, 3.02 updated ToucPad.

    I hope HP does read this thread and usesbit for PRPRPR $for$ $webos$.

    perhaps heartbeatz, our residnet HP tech support member can send this up the chain to where some might pay attention to it?

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