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    I have done all of the basic mods with Developer Mode and Preware and the Patches to reduce logging. I enjoy the speed boost, but have a question.

    Can I revert back to original settings? What if there is ever another software update? Will I be able to update?
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    You can easily revert back to original settings by either uninstalling all of your patches, or running the Doctor, which installs a fresh copy of the OS on your device.

    If an OS update comes, you are always told to remove all of your patches and themes first before updating.
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    How do you uninstall the patches? Would I also uninstall Preware and any of the apps from there?
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    thanks for the tip.

    What do WebOS gurus usually do?

    Erase/Restore using doctor > Update > then install preware again and start all over


    Manually uninstall everything > Update > reinstall everything

    What is a better/safer move?

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    Preware has a remove as well as an install function. Remove w/ Preware, no need to remove Preware itself.
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    When an update comes, you backup all the patches you had using the "Saved Packages" list. To uninstall them simultaneously, run Emergency Patch Recovery. It's in Preware just search for it. It uninstalls all patches. You'll be fine.
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