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    weird thing happens when my wife uses the touchpad.

    She gets double letters typed... Seems to be the e and are letters.
    now.. I couldn't replicate this.. Also she says it happens in facebook.

    can't seem to find anything about this.

    I have prepare installed and the usual speed up patches installed.

    any ideas???
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    does she have any preware patches installed? Or long fingernails?

    the only issue I have is tapping between keys when i'm not paying attention.
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    Could be after she types a letter she accidently brushes the same key again with here finger before typing the next letter. I've had my TouchPad now for almost 2 months now and have not the double type issue yet..
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    she has nails.. But not long ones

    not sure.. I can't replicate it.. Shall do some more investigations.
    Preware.. Just got the stuff it mentions in the "just got your's what to do first" kinda thread.

    thanks for the replies :-)

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