I am having little success playing flash web streams on the Touchpad's browser. Some work and some don't. On some streams, I get the message, "Application refused connection" on the video's browser window (not an error message from the Touchpad's OS itself). These streams play just great on my PC.

I take it the Kalemsoft Media Player only streams stored content and media, correct? I don't think it streams live RTMP streams, unless I'm mistaken.

On the other hand, I am having good success with Stream Torrent (st:\\) streams that I can get onto VLC Media Player on my PC, then on to ORB, then on to my Touchpad with the Orb website. But web streams are much more difficult, since they're STMP:\\

There is a program called STMPdump, but I am no programmer and you have to enter all this Linux code to get it to work.

Has anyone found a good, realistic solution? It would be great to play web streams on my Touchpad.