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    I bought my 32 gb touchpad on 1st day of the discounted pricing "fire sale." It works perfectly except for one annoyance: when it goes to sleep (screen off), it will not unlock right away after I turn the screen on using either the power or home button. It is non-responsive at first, and if I let it cycle the 10 seconds or so it takes to go back to sleep, turn screen on again, I am then able to get the lock icon to respond to my touch, and it will unlock and allow normal use. Sometimes it takes 2-3 cycles of screen off-on before it responds, sometimes it never responds and my only choice is to reset w/ the power button-home button combo. Has anyone else experienced similar behavior? It has done this since I opened the package, prior to experimenting with other kernels, etc. But as I said above there are no other issues, once I (finally) get it to unlock it performs flawlessly. Thanks for your help.
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    if its not broke don't try to fix it.
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