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    I just got a touchpad and I wanted to download the doctor so I can have it on my computer. I signed into my palm profile and when I clicked on download, it said that it serial number was invalid??? So I did the Palm support chat thing and they told me:

    go to

    Click on Pre 2 (I know. I was confused too)

    Then type in a serial number that they gave me (wasn't mine)

    Then you can download the 3.0.2 doctor.

    What is up with this? Why can't I just download it normally?
    Is anyone else having this issue?
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    Is there a possibility that your Touchpad is somehow special? The implication is that the serial number isn't being recognized.

    If you're really stuck, the best place to find pointers to specific webOS Doctor files is The wiki for this topic is here: Webos Doctor Versions - WebOS Internals.
    Dan Donovan
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    I got the doctor to download using that method... But I feel like I shouldn't have to do that...

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