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    I bought my original touchpad roughly a week ago. Upon further inspection of it, I realized there were multiple cracks on the case(one on EACH speaker and one on the back wrapping around to the bezel, where the glass is also raised). I called CS and they promptly sent me out a refurb touchpad while waiving the Advanced exchange fee. I receievd the refurb today and as soon as I turned it on I realized something was off. After changing all the settings to the same on both devices and turning the brightness all the way up, I noticed the refurb was noticeably dimmer and with each device on the same webpage(white) the refurb had a very yellow tint to it. ****. I'm ****ed, although CS has been more than accommodating it shouldn't be this hard to get ONE good touchpad. They are sending me out one more refurbished unit and hopefully this one will be quality.
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    That's not actually a defect. Much like other devices, including the iPad, HP sourced its LCD panels from two different manufacturers... one of them is calibrated at a cooler color temperature and the other to a warmer one, during manufacturing. You usually can't tell a difference until you compare multiple TP's.

    Unless you can blatantly see a difference, without having them side by side, then both screens are normal and it seems like you have a 50/50 chance at which one you get.
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    I realize this; I read the thread on it. As soon as I turned my refurb on I noticed a difference in quality. When I actually did put them side by side it was that much more apparent. Regardless, I've gone through a lot of hassle since I originally bought it and would appreciate one quality touchpad.

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