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    I spent a bit of time on Ebay before I finally landed a 32gb Touchpad for $265 shipped on I think the tenth auction I bid on. In my opinion that is still a very good price for what I'm getting.
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    3 months ago most didn't know what touchpad was or that HP made tablets. Now that the momentum and name recognition is there they could make a mint if they wanted to. If I were ATT or Verizon I'd carry pre3 and veer. The first recording you'd hear: " Did you manage to get the HP touchpad, the hottest tablet of the year? Take it to the next level with the HP veer or pre3. Use your touchpad anywhere you have your HP phone and receive your calls and texts through your touchpad. Ask your rep for more info". Even people who couldn't get the tablet will recognize the name. A lot of people got TP's for their kids and the veer would appeal to them. All it takes is one email from HP to the profile email address letting folx know who had the phones. Many have already asked about the phones or bought pres because of the tablets. ATT and vz have the hotspot features. They should be selling phones hand over fist. News outlets covering the lines and sellouts gave free publicity. It's like they don't WANT to make money. I just don't understand it.
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    Not sure why anybody would think it's a weak OS, I have iPad which I love, and had a Playbook and Transformer so I've tasted them all and WebOS is #2 under iOS imo. I don't have near the sluggish performance and oddities that I experienced with Honeycomb, and it's every bit as slick as QNX on Playbook but actually has a number of excellent apps and games and looks like even more coming (Splashtop w00t). Also as far as lack of options look at iPad, same thing there. They definitely should have released this thing at a lower $299 and $399 price point max though and I feel it would have done much better. As far as the device go, I think it is very solid built, screen looks great, sounds is amazing, and the OS is slick as hell, I'm honestly blown away they dropped this like they did so quickly.
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    Buddy of mine scored a 32GB off Craiglist for $180, not bad at all, he got lucky though I think I sold 2 16GBs on Ebay for $290 and $250 Paid for all 5 TPs I bought (kept 1 for myself, 1 for wife, gave one to mom, and sold the other 2). I wasn't originally buying that many with selling in mind, I just saw how everybody's orders were getting cancelled so I was scared I wasn't going to get one, then once I saw how much they were going for on Ebay I was like holy hell, and it all worked out in the end
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    Quote Originally Posted by C-Note View Post
    You are right, if HP would have:

    1. not tried to get premium dollars of a mid-range product
    2. been willing to spend some money to seed a user base
    3. not hit the panic button so quickly

    This would have been a much different story. I suspect that people in HP offices are right now trying to figure out how to capitalize on their accidental finding. But by the time they do, Amazon or RIM will move aggressively do the same thing, and once again they will be "late to the party".
    You may also have tried. Leo was looking for an excuse to get out because that is what the board hired him to do.
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    Quote Originally Posted by SandraW View Post
    why are so many people buying 16gb Touchpads for $240?
    that's about the average price of all the ones sold on Ebay
    in the last 5 days.
    I have to say I'm kind of glad to hear this - I got my 32gb off of Craigslist, the Tuesday after the big fire sale - I just had to have one (and I was going to purchase one before the fire sale). To me it was totally worth it, but I kept thinking that maybe I should have waited. Now, maybe, not so much.
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    Quote Originally Posted by SandraW View Post
    why are so many people buying 16gb Touchpads for $240?
    that's about the average price of all the ones sold on Ebay
    in the last 5 days.

    what if HP sold it for $250?(prior to the firesale)
    I got mine for $220 from eBay, for me it was because I didn't really have any other choice. I live in New Zealand and only a few retail stores stocked it in the first place, they all sold out in minutes, all of the stock in the country was sold.

    We don't have any hope in getting any more stock so eBay was really the only option as our firesale occurred after the US sale so I missed the online retailers in the US too. I don't mind paying $220 USD for the TouchPad though, I tried one before the firesale and loved it, but I couldn't justify the price. Now that I have one for less than half the retail price i'm happy with what I paid.

    On the upside accessories were relatively easy to find with the case being $30USD and the Touchstone $49 USD locally.
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    The Tablet market should be selling for less than $300 in my opinion. The challenge HP had was that they wanted to compete against the iPad which had a much larger following. The challenge there was the fact that they had a lack of developers and apps to compete. In my opinion the iPad's OS is not as advanced and capable as WebOS. However most people don't really care as they like the apps and are used to the way iOS operates. What HP has in it's pocket is that they've totally grabbed market share with this one move. Yes, it doesn't make money in the short term, but now developers of apps can now see a million user market and it's a viable market. HP in one fell swoop captured a large chunk of the market. They had brand recognition, but failed to compete in the beginning because they were just the other iPad, but didn't have the apps, coolness factor, and proper marketing. Now, they have a decent market share, have grabbed mindset and I believe has changed the attitude of the consumers who were sold on the iPad or others who were just looking at possibly purchasing a tablet. HP needs to grab the reins and take advantage of their "mistake" which could just be an amazing marketing ploy. Continue to support and advance WebOS as fast as you can. Yes, you can raise the prices as small bit but keep it under $250 to keep the growth fast pace. Embrace your third party developers and keep improving the OS and critical apps and improve the graphics speed. Android is the big loser right now as they are segmented in their market, consumers are confused about their capabilities and as many friends believe WebOS is built for the mobile industry and is better. In my opinion, HP has a long way to go to really make WebOS really good. They just need to find the best developers and provide strong incentives for them to be a better OS than iOS. What does that mean? Easy to use! Fast performance. Easy to configure and personalize for the user to make it their own. Support the Homebrew community. And dammit... don't lose focus on the mobile phone market either.. a "Touchme" smartphone.. better, faster than the Pre's. 4G, lots of internal storage and external storage, voice enable everything, wireless connection display (WiDi), and use much of the same code base as the Touchpad, except the form factor is smaller. I could go on forever.. but you get the idea. C'mon HP, react, and react large.
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    I don't think they would been that popular even at that price if not for the fire sale.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Dionte View Post
    I don't think they would been that popular even at that price if not for the fire sale.
    ^^ This. So there are close to a million TP's out there. Only because of price. The idea HP will bring back the TP and lose money by selling it for 250.00 is nuts. And developers are not going to put time and money into an OS that has an unknown future, not to mention a cap on the number of possible users.

    We all love webOS, that's why we have these crazy fantasies that HP will change their minds and decide to keep the TP alive. And it's fun to speculate too I guess.
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    I'm sort of hoping against hope that if we truly do have to wait until the end of October for the last batch, and that there truly are 100,000, that the number of people who were just buying because it's so cheap will die down, and the last few WebOS holdouts who haven't gotten any yet will get a shot. I'm forcing myself not to buy off of Craigslist....makes me sad to be such a die hard Palm zealot and watch people selling them on craigslist using completely inaccurate descriptions because they don't even know what WebOS is. Sigh. I really do hope that if HP does the last batch, that they find a way to prevent people from buying handfuls for resale again. Now that I've bought a touchstone and a case, not having an actual touchpad would be more than a little ********.
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    Quote Originally Posted by addiarmadar View Post
    If HP was able to get a cheaper pricetag to produce the touchpad then yes it would have been possible for them to sellem hella cheaper. It seemed they paid alot more to make the touchpad than Apple pays to produce the iPad.
    That's because it's a first gen product that hasn't been optimized for leaner production yet. Look at the components inside, a lot of those components could be saved.
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    Quote Originally Posted by mdonato View Post
    I'm not sure it's so much how people view what the cost of the touchpad, rather what people are willing to pay for a tablet now defunct that was once bought for 99 and 149. The people buying them off of ebay know how much the sellers bought them for and I believe they are happy with paying double or less than the firesale prices. I think if the firesale prices were higher you would see them on ebay for a little more and people still buying them because they are so much lower than retail cost was.
    Ditto! I don't think that HP would have had to price them as low as $250 to have a success. You have to understand that people are willing to pay that knowing that app support and develepment for the platform in the future in uncertain at best. If they kept their full weight behind the product and continued to market it, it would have been successful.
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    Quote Originally Posted by mikestorm View Post
    Forget the firesale prices; those are red herrings. Want to see efficient markets in action and see what the market will really bear for a TouchPad? Check out eBay.

    Recently completed listings show that the 16gb TouchPad is averaging between $225-$275
    Recently completed listings show that the 32gb TouchPad is averaging between $275-$300

    It goes without saying that both are selling very well. Granted still below cost, but these price ranges are still incredibly illuminating.

    Q. What does it take to loose the iPad's grasp on the tablet market?
    A. About $250 off.
    Sorry, but I have to say this post explains exactly why they are dumping tablet hardware, as well as PCs. They're not looking for small or razor thin margins that will barely keep the company afloat. They're looking for big margins. And that's in software.

    The hardware cost of one of these tablets was supposed to be something like $230. Throw in engineering/design, software development, how much they've paid and donated to developers, marketing, the discounts/free apps theyve given users, and I'm sure they're taking a loss on these if they didn't retail at $300+. But they don't want/need them to retail at $300. They need them to retail at $500, or there's no real reason to be focusing on this business/market.

    They sold it at $100-$150 not because they didn't think it wouldn't sell at a slightly higher price, but to dump the stock and get out of the market as fast as possible.
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    Hmmm, maybe I can get a schmuck to buy the full package (32 gig, keyboard, touchstone, and case) for $500. I will call it the deal of the century.
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    How come Tablets cost so much to make ?

    Touchpad $318 for the parts to make them

    Why are they so expensive to make, when you can buy netbooks for $120 brand new and those manufacturers MUST be making money
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    if you see a netbook for $120, it's one of those generic chinese nameless crap tablets that have an amazing 300mhz cpu, windows CE, 64mb of ram, and maybe 4gb of storage. They are complete and utter crap.

    A few may have android 1.6 and a very select few may even have android 2.2, but they are still worthless crap that are barely even a typewriter.
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    Quote Originally Posted by tannim View Post
    if you see a netbook for $120, it's one of those generic chinese nameless crap tablets that have an amazing 300mhz cpu, windows CE, 64mb of ram, and maybe 4gb of storage. They are complete and utter crap.

    A few may have android 1.6 and a very select few may even have android 2.2, but they are still worthless crap that are barely even a typewriter.
    Not strictly true

    I bought a Samsung Netbook, with Windows 7 Home Premium 1Gb Ram, 250GB Hard Drive etc etc for about $130-140

    There are lots of Acers, Toshibas, Samsungs, Dells, Asus etc etc netbooks that are roughly that price or not a great deal more so why is it tablets cost so much to make?
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    Sounds like you bought it used, because no Samsung netbook has ever been $130 new. The cheapest I see at Best Buy for a name brand is a Gateway for $200.

    That said, it costs more to make because everything has to crammed underneath a high-quality (netbook screens have crappy viewing angles) capacitive touch screen and still retain thinness. That sort of miniaturization and design does not currently come cheap. Maybe eventually, but not yet.
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