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    ****Only does this while charging. Not sure why it would lock while charging before and all of a sudden stop, but it's ok. Solution is to take it off the charger and you will see it lock again.******

    I ran into this problem earlier today, where I then ran WebOS Doctor to resolve the issue. Doing that fixed everything, but surely that cannot be the fix for it all the time. Here is the issue:

    When my screen is off and I go to turn it back on, the slide up to unlock button is not there. I have not touched anything on this after I fixed it with WebOS Doctor. The only thing i had running at the time was Pandora Radio, I had that paused and minimized. Next thing I know it is closed and now my TouchPad will not lock.

    Any ideas on how to fix this besides running WebOS Doctor again? Thanks in advance!
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