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    well good luck for the people wanting them.... The next round will be much limited that's for sure...
    I if this will sell for as much in a few months when there is no more coming and no one else is talking about it.
    hmm who knows. Thanks for sure.
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    I just got a 16gb off ebay last night for $200. I couldnt wait for the next firesale. I kept searching and searching and found a buy it now and immediately jumped on it. I have seen them going for more but that seems to be the average price right now. you could always try craigslist or just keep checking ebay. the only way I justify buying at that price is that I just got paid and sold some old gold jewelry I had, if I hadn't have done that then I would have waited. I'm still looking for at least two more, maybe 3.

    **sorry if theres any typos, I'm typing with my 6 month old on my lap!!**
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    I wonder if HP will put aside some for its employees since they didn't do it the last time, but who knows
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