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    Hi Folks,

    Just got my Touchpad and tried the BBC iplayer and it works fine. However when going to the some BBC news pages which have embedded iplayer video in them....the screen dims and the rotating circle appears ......then goes....then comes back over and over again....with the page reloading over and over again in a sort of loop. On a couple of occasions it has actually played after a few goes....but very rarely. Anyone got any ideas? I have done all the updates in the getting started post including overclocking. I could undo all that but not sure that has anything to do with it?

    Just to stress....the iplayer pages themselves work perfectly and other embedded video on the BBC site works fine....its just the embedded iplayer content.

    Here is an example link. It plays perfectly on my laptop btw.

    BBC Sport - Mikel Arteta defends timing of transfer to Arsenal

    Any thoughts appreciated. Does it work on for you on the TP?


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    This issues is not limited to BBC pages, and I can pretty much assure you it isn't down to updates, patches or overclockjng.

    From what I can tell the browser trips up when it encounters certain Javascript, sometimes the only way I can read certain BBC pages is do temporarily disable JavaScript. Which doesn't help if you are wanting to view the video, but at least you can the read the article.

    Worst still when JavaScript is essential for something like Sky Sports Score Centre, which also reloads on many ljnks.

    There are plenty of posts detailing issues with browser, which I think is one of the most important issues. It's the ability to view full websites that makes up for the lack of apps in my opinion.

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    Thanks Nigel. Yes certainly seems to be the problem! Lets hope it gets fixed in future updates.

    Have you or anyone else tried Advanced Browser to see if their Javascript implementation is better?


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    The same problem exists within the Advanced Browser. I tried opening the same website, BBC Sport Scotland, and get the same results in both the stock and advanced browser.

    It could be a good thing I can't see any Scottish football but i'd like to decide for myself!
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    Thanks for letting me know. I tried a few pages this morning and it does eventually work if you leave it long enough. A real pain for us Brits though! I will raise it as a bug on the bug sticky.

    Scotland...almost....did so well last night though!


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    You know when you jump around or even resume on this is can freeze the picture but the sound goes on? Well it only does it one way, that's if you go forward. Back it works ok, so whichever bit you want to get to jump to a bit later than that (it'll freeze) then jump back (to the point you actually want to go to) and it should run ok.

    Just a wee quirk I found.
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    If you guys are still experiencing problems you may want to give this a try:

    I have been free of Webpage reload loops for a couple of days since applying this patch.

    I can at last browse BBC without turning off JavaScript, and have browsed dozens off embedded videos without previous issues.

    Let me know how this works for you.
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    Strange....I've had the browser cache disabled for a while now but still the problem with the BBC web pages.

    EDIT - That's even stranger. All BBC pages seem to be loading fine now, however at the weekend when I was using the BBC Football site to check out the football scores it was doing the continual reload thing (with the cache disabled).

    Will try it agian this weekend. Perhaps it's only if certain javascript objects get loaded (like the live score updates) that the problem occurs?
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    I am still getting this issue with Yahoo Sports. It worked for a bit but now continues with the looped refresh. Any thoughts?
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    Just got my HP Touchpad and thinking how good it is when found I didn't appear to be able to play or download any iplayer content (although iplayer site dispalying beautifully). Seemed odd because could play youtube etc. Came to forums looking for answer and dismayed to see so many with similar problems. Was going to be a deal breaker for me and ready to return it... but... on iplayer site went to 'parental control' link - clicked through and set up parental control (although shouldn't be necessary) - it sets up a password to type in to release parental control and play vids - went back to the programme - pressed 'play' - it asked for the password - and hey presto plays beautifully.
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    a device restart sorted it out for me
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    Quote Originally Posted by fahed2000 View Post
    a device restart sorted it out for me
    I am having a problem with the BBC radio player BBC iPlayer - Listen live - BBC Radio 4 in that I have to keep the card live to keep listening. If the screen display darkens a short time later the radio stops... Any ideas on how to keep listening with a darkened screen?
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    Quote Originally Posted by joerice50 View Post
    I am having a problem with the BBC radio player BBC iPlayer - Listen live - BBC Radio 4 in that I have to keep the card live to keep listening. If the screen display darkens a short time later the radio stops... Any ideas on how to keep listening with a darkened screen?
    Reciva radio app gives you access to the bbc radio live and on demand content. It also continues to play when the screen goes dark.

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