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    Apparently the Touchpad has functional USB Host support out of the box, i.e. mouse/keyboard/HDD and other USB devices. You do need to provide power from a self-powered USB hub.

    All credit goes to this place, I'm just reposting since I didn't see it anywhere here.

    I wonder how this works for USB drives, cameras, and so on. Could you just plop movies on an external drive and play them on the TP? Can I dump pictures taken with my DSLR onto the TP to review them on a larger screen? I need to try this out .
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    very nice, thanks for sharing.
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    thanks for sharing!
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    Potential for awesome.
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    Already posted here:

    And I've just tried and it didn't work, so I wouldn't get your hopes up too soon.
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    Quote Originally Posted by izzeho View Post
    Well, wouldn't you know. Sorry about that, dunno how I missed it.
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    So does that mean a USB->HDMI (or at some USB->someVideoOutput ) adapter may work with the properly created patch?
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    Encouraging, would've liked to see a camera connected to it though. Can a y cable be plugged directly into a usb power adapter rather than a laptop?
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