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    I have been getting an odd message on my TP lately. Loading a normal page on a social network I get the message "load jQuery first". The page is usually 3/4 the way loaded when this message pops up. Only option available is to push "ok". After pushing "ok" the page finishes loading. Happens every screen that I go to. Also happens each time I try to type in a text field. Any ideas? Everything still works fine, just makes for a very slow internet experience. What is jQuery?
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    jQuery is a javascript ligrary/framework that makes writing javascript easier. Could be an error in the coding on the site. Have you tried viewing the page in firefox, ie, chrome on your desktopand seeif the error appears.
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    "load jquery first error" happens if you block "" with Adblock plus

    <html xmlns="" xml:lang="fr">
    <meta http-equiv="Content-Type" content="text/html; charset=ISO-8859-1" />
    <title>Actualité | A la Une - L'Est Républicain</title>
    <meta name="Keywords" content="A la Une,Actualité" />

    <script src="$quot$; $type$=&$quot$;$text$/$javascript$&$quot$;&$gt$;&$lt$;/$script$&$gt$;

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