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    Happy Friday folks.

    I just wanted to share with you how much I love my TP. After the initial doom and gloom regarding the HP decision to cut WebOS devices I thought the world had ended.

    However, this thing is simply awesome! Sure there are some areas that have holes in (personally I would like java so I could run webex, and silverlight so I can watch SKY video) but doesnt everything??!!!

    The email client is sweet, the browser is good, it runs flash so I can watch the videos that those iPad losers cant I have got more apps than I expected, apps are still being developed (even zinio I hear!), facebook is good, we have THE BEST homebrew community, great for video/movies, good audio capability (there's also a patch to increase it!) - and it can be overclocked to run smooth like a buttered nipple.

    Up your chuff to all the TP haters!
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    At 99, its no doubt the best buy at this time. Just wish it didnt have to get to firesale stage, but then again, hp may already decide to give up long time ago, oh well.
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    Wozza, every time I read your posts and see Captain Spaulding.....that's the voice I hear lol.

    [after shooting Killer Karl] God am, m..r got blood all over my best clown suit.
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    I share your sentiments.....

    I originally purchased the TP to run android on it, now that I’ve have it a few days, i absolutely love webOS!!!! So much so that now I don’t even like my iPhone or iPad. I have to say that the lack of apps is disappointing however, with full internet (flash) WHO NEEDS APPS? (mostly download them, use them once and then never use them again anyways).
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    First off, I'll let you know that I'm an HP employee, via EDS. (Although I'm also ex Digital and Compaq)

    I've had a Palm Pre for about 2 years. That in itself is amazing, as I live in Australia, where they were never sold. I was so looking forward to the Touchpad launch and, like many, I was exasperated by how long it took from launch to release.

    I was going to buy on employee purchase but the Australian Employee price was more than the retail in the US and I really wanted a 3G/4G version. So I waited.

    Meanwhile, in Australia, it was launched exclusively through Harvey Norman (Sort of our equivalent to Best Buy) and 4 days later was canned. Harvey Norman actually said it was a shame because they said it was selling well (They also sell Android and iPad).

    I missed the fire sale, and watched ebay. I ended up getting the white 64GB version from the US at a good price and I also got a Pre3 from the UK.

    Since then, HP has looked after its employees and we got first dibs of the 2nd wave in Australia (All sold in 90 minutes), and I got a 32GB version too (for my partner).

    We have an iPad and my partner has an iPhone (And I have a Macmini as a media centre).

    So, now having set the stage, what do I think?


    It's a damn good device. Way better than the iPad. My only complaint? No external camera support (I've seen the thread on USB host). When you pair it with a Pre3, it really is an amazing package. I show my friends what I can do, and they are so impressed. I'm just waiting for Zinio, and I'll be happy as an elephant in a mud bath!

    I really hope that someone picks up the OS and runs with it.

    I mean, 400,000 apps for an iPad.... so what? How many of them do the same thing? How many different apps are there really?

    What do I think the biggest mistake was? Launching with 3.0, as the TP got bad reviews. If they'd launched with 3.0.2 it would've been a much different reception.

    Lastly, for thos ethat are not convinced about HP's ongoing commitment to webOS, I just got an update to my Pre3.
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