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    This method routes your text/sms from GoogleVoice to a service called GVmax and finally to Gtalk.
    First off you need a GoogleVoice #. I have Sprint, so my mobile # is linked to and is my GV #.
    Now visit and sign in with your google account. It will do all the setup for you.
    Once that is done sign into Gtalk on your Touchpad messaging app.

    When someone sends you a text they will automatically be added to your gvmax buddy list in Gtalk. Initially they will appear as {number} but signing out of gtalk then signing back in, it will change to {contact name} [mobile] if they're in your contacts. I personally go through and link the 2 profiles in contacts to keep all conversations from the person together.

    NOTE: this is a workaround to be able to send and receive text/sms through your Touchpad. You must be signed in to Gtalk thus requiring a wifi connection. You will still receive the text/sms on your phone, but your replies sent from your Touchpad will not appear on your phone.

    Hope this helps us while waiting for an actual method to pair our phones lacking the MAP Bluetooth profile to our Touchpads for texting.
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