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    We know that HP increased the clock speed on some TouchPad models 'because they can'' - But *could* they have on ALL models? Did anyone's TP fail at 1.5ghz?
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    HP 'could'? Yes. HP Would? No. HP wouldn't be likely to overclock something beyond the official Qualcomm manufacturing specs, as doing so could decrease the overall life somewhat of the cpu's. This being said, it <can> be done, and very nicely, although you can expect to see things lock up depending on the mfg run as you keep going.

    I started with 1.5, no issues, went 1.7 and am currently running at 1.8 with F4 Phantom psycho kernel (research the internals forums and wikis if you desire to go there and be experimental and contribute) :-) I've read of some that fail at 1.7 or 1.8, with a small number that have apparently been able to go to 1.9, so much will depend upon your particular unit.

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