Hey all, not sure if you use their service or have used their service ever, but since I've seen a bunch of people talking/requesting a good text messaging app for webOS. I decided to email them and see what their take on whether or not a touchpad webOS app was feasible. Tried to hit all the bullet points about us being a huge market now, and even though some were looking toward the android port, that a lot of us were going to continue to use webOS. In addition to the fact we have a beautiful notification system that they could take full advantage of. Recommended to them to come over here and look at all the people wanting a messaging app, and they'd see the desire for it. Might of been pulling at straws, but figured it was worth a shot. By the way, I read on their support page they really like chocolate chip cookies, maybe we can flood them with some. lol All jokes aside, if you guys are in favor of this, comment, like this thread, spread the word of it. Then we have some back up for them to see, or for others to talk to them about.