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    I am having troubles watching ESPN3 on my touchpad. When the video first start it is pretty pixelated and the video streams decently smooth. Then a few seconds later the video sharpens up, their video quality meter is at max. However, then the video starts to stutter. So bad the it isn't really watchable. Any input on how to improve this? Also, I did try to standing next to the router, so had good signal. And ESPN3 plays fine on my computers.

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    Looks like there were known issues with espn3:
    Re: A list of websites the TouchPad Browser can't ... - Page 3 - Support Community

    I tried it with your request. I'm seeing very good quality, and audio is smooth, however, the video skips pretty badly, as you mentioned.

    I don't know of anything you can do. It's running on flash 10.3.
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    experiencing same exact thing. the video quality is great but it does stutter
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    Grrrrrrr....I can't even get it to work on my TP. Pretty disappointed about this. I also was able to get HBO Go to work, and then today it's a no go....I'm back to getting the spinning wheel saying "Optimizing video quality".
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    I was figuring since HULU worked, ESPN would. Hopefully someone will find a fix to it.

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    ESPN3 worked pretty good for me last night. The Georgia Tech game wasn't super clear but it was watchable.
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    It's probably a resolution/bit rate issue.

    when you start, its at a lower resolution/bit rate and works fine. When it sees it can handle (bandwidth wise) the higher bitrate it ramps up, except the touchpad can't keep up in the decoding (and hence a resolution / bit rate issue, though also could be other codec related things).

    The solution would be to see if you can manually control the quality (ala hulu, youtube....)
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    I thought that too. But I couldn't figure out how to set it at a lower resolution. ESPN doesn't appear to have that option. Also, find it odd that it couldn't decode it fast enough. However, I haven't tried overclocking it to see if that helps.
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    I'm overclocked at 1.5.
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    It seems to take forever to load from ESPN3. Ga Tech game took almost 5 minutes. TP worked okay with Hulu.
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    ESPN3 works alright for me using the browser w/Block Popups turned off but PlayOn which works much better, is broken after ESPN changed things around - grr.
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    Well I overclocked my TP to 1.5 yesterday and tried again. It still stutters, however it is better. Still far from good though. I can't bring my self to pay for Playon. I am wondering if I have installed or not installed all the right patches.
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    a workaround for this is playon.

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