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    I stupidly didn't uninstall the kernek f15c and some other patches before doing a full reset, now i have a problem as in preware it says i cannot install the kernel as there is a modified one there already. It also doesn't show anything in installed apps. How can i do factory reset so that everything is back to full factory reset?
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    I would try "installing" the F15c kernel as if you didnt have it, and then it should show up on your installed list. then remove like normal. i hope that would work, otherwise you can do a webOS doctoring (which completley wipes your device and adds a fresh copy of webOS. Full erase does not do that)
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    Hi i tried installing but it keeps failing, it says my kernel is not factory and it cannot install. How do i do the doctoring thing, sorry Im completely new to webos. Thanks again
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    go here:

    then click Device options for your TouchPad, then "Get webOS doctor"
    this will wipe your TP completley (personal data and all) and give a fresh copy of 3.0.2

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