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    Well I set up my account today on my Touchpad and then went to upload a movie to my account. Looks like there is a 100 mb limit for uploads now, which makes essentially useless for me. I can upgrade to 2 gb uploads for $9.99/month.
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    really, last time I tried it was 1 gig.... But that was a month ago.... 100 is garbage....
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    I uploaded a 550MB episode of Dexter on the 20th. I'm uploading a 225MD training video right now, so far so good. I'll update w/ more info when it's done, or stops at 100MB
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    Quote Originally Posted by Knucklehead View Post
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    Just checked my account - still 50GB/1GB file size limit (I've had my touchpad since mid june, though).
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    did you create the account from the touchpad client?
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    I don't understand. If they offer 50Gb, why are you limited to 100Mb? Do you mean 100Mb in one file?

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    Be careful how you interpret the info on your account page. I confirmed with them that it is a 100mg limit and a 50gb space. Its free so I don't see how we can gripe about it.
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    The limit on my account is 50G total, and 1Gb for individual files. I uploaded some movies that were around 900MB, so I know it's definitely 1Gb.
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    Sorry it took so long, had to eat dinner.

    225MB video uploaded no problem. Maybe it's something new for new users, (in the last 2 weeks)?

    If so that's gonna blow, as I haven't set up my wife & daughter's accounts yet.
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    yea i registered an account from my TP sometime last week and i am limited to only 100MB per file. which is totally pointless, considering we have 50GB of space. gonna have tons of little 100MB files....
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    I set mine up through the App and am at 50GB total, no bandwidth restrictions, and 1GB/file max.

    I did take advantage of an offer they sent me to invite other "co-workers" to get 50GB. I set it up for my wife and noticed that her account, while having 50GB, is limited to 10GB of bandwidth/month and 100MB/file.

    I signed up on Thursday of last week. If you signed up before, maybe you can email someone? Maybe something was messed up? I would hope so, otherwise that's totally lame.

    ...and I have passed the 100MB limit with files.
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    Where can you find your bandwidth / file limitation on ?
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    Upload speeds to are not very fast for me anyways, don't think I was ever going to find myself uploading a 1gb file.
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    hmm i actually set mine up on Monday 8/29. and i have the 100MB limit. i just checked my account info and my account type is "Lite (5GB)", even though i have 50GB of space.
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    Quote Originally Posted by gergev View Post
    Where can you find your bandwidth / file limitation on ?
    My Account>Account Info tab, scroll to the bottom. (
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    yeah, I checked my post firesale account and I have a 1 gig file limit. must have slid in just under the wire.
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    I am getting the same limit of 100mb so goodbye Seems odd that other users are getting 1GB. FYI I signed up for this service on the 28th of August.
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    I can't even upload my 7-20mb songs on The thing freezes every single time.
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