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    Has anyone noticed a difference on their touchpad's performance when changing the govnah advanced settings. I couldn't really tell the difference. Did you guys noticed the difference?
    These are my settings.

    CPU frequency: ondemandtlc
    I/O Scheduler: NOOP
    TCP Congestion: RENO
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    ONDEMANDCTL/CFQ/CUBIC here clocking 1.5 ghz on UberKernel without issues.
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    i had read using noop and reno helped, but i cant tell any difference between default settings and those. i'm not even exactly sure what the difference is between them are (could not find much information)
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    I reckon it makes a difference first of all which Kernel you have installed, as this will in turn determine the basic behaviour characteristics of the Processor Cores initially.. then followed by what you are doing with them..

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    when you are in 'cpu frequency' settings tap the question mark in top right corner. This should turn all items blue and you can tap on each one for a description for that setting. Might give you some insight to the different settings.

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