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    So far I am very pleased with my ability to get apps to do what I need to do, with the exception of the one I presumed would be webOs's strongest: the Calendar.

    I rely on a "list" or "agenda" view of upcoming events, but I can find no way to get one in the stock Calendar.

    I also use my Google Tasks frequently, but can't find a good app for them either.

    Can anyone recommend an application that will let me work with my calendar events in a list view, and my Google Tasks, without trying to use Google Calendar in a browser?

    I can live without Google tasks for a while, but I really need a solution on the list view of my upcoming appointments.

    thanks very much!
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    I'm using pocket mirror to sync with outlook.
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    I'm sorry for not being clear. I have my calendar events in Google Calendar, so they are present on my TP, but I can't get a "list view" or "agenda view" (I think people call it both ways) on the TP. I have the syncing down pat, it's the viewing on the TP where I am falling down.
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    OK, I just figured our UberCalendar and see how to get a list view in the left column. That will help a LOT. So now:

    1) Any advice on Google Tasks? and
    2) Are there any third party calendar / task managers worth checking out, or on the horizon?


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