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    Quote Originally Posted by archanfel View Post
    Are you saying the touchpad does not lack apps? Of course they are personal issues
    Please go back and reread your posts and mine. You stated lack of apps, then classified games, I admitted it has fewer apps than iOS or Android, but the only game you mentioned isn't the only good game. You then further classified asking me for more free games, which is where I stated I you hadn't mentioned "free" previously and I wasnt aware of any other good TouchPad free GAMES.

    You continue to twist your statements and that is why I ask you to reread our conversation in this thread. You were very non specific originally, when you clarified you specifications, I clarified my questions. I never once said webOS has the apps of other tablet OS's, I only clarified your initial points.

    You were being very specific, without being very specific until I asked.... your original post did not clarify any of your issues. And the reference to personal issues was mainly to your ability to ask for SWYPE and posting SKYPE (you blamed the TP and added it as issue 11). BTW, you can turn off auto correct if you would like.

    It's amazing to me how people who will post on tech forums, and attempt to act as some form of expert opinion cannot comprehend their own posts.
    I love physical keyboards... but there is two devices that would make me consider a slab, one is something running a full version of Open webOS. The other is an iPhone!!!! HA HA just kidding (about the iPhone that is)...
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    Quote Originally Posted by 9KRacing View Post
    I would have gladly paid $300 for mine. It's an awesome tablet. Open her up, you won't be sorry.

    btw, Is that a 2nd gen Acura Integra in your screen image? I had a black '91 LS Special Edition Teg, manual tranny - got 273k miles out of it, and loved it every bit of the way.
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    Definitely not. At $99, it is hands down the best thing I've ever bought. I don't know what people are complaining about--except the cracked speaker case and all. I've not had one issue with both TP's that I bought. Yeah, there could be some extra stuff added to it like ad-hoc networking support, 3G/4G support, and screen panning/keyboard lock, but it still hands down trumps most tablets. I love it.
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    Not at all. For $100 there is NO other device that lets me do the same thing. I can web browse and watch tv in bed, get some cool apps and its the perfect tool for presentation. Showing people stuff on a phone or laptop is not as good as on a tablet. This thing has already paid off itself with professional uses. I brought it to a client meeting and being able to display live content on a large screen is perfect.

    Its not perfect, it certainly has flaws, but how can anyone complain for $100. Even an iPod Touch costs more.
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    I'm sorry I didn't get more than two of them, but other than that, no.....not sorry at all
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    no regrets here - not in the slightest. I love webOS so much that I paid $200 on ebay because I just couldn't wait for the next round of touchpads - if there's going to be any. It does everything well, better than expected. I came from a sprint pre-, so its not like there was much of a learning curve with 3.0 - thanks to precentral and the homebrew community. Best $200 I ever spent.
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    would buy another 2 for gifts if available at the same price. It does exactly what I need at the right price.
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    No way. Very happy with this awesome machine. Now with splashtop it makes my TP a much more functional device. For 150 bucks it makes this the deal of the century.
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    further to my earlier answer - not sorry as such because it was a cheap way to confirm that I don't really have much use for a tablet but I couldn't honestly saying I'm using it as much as I thought I would. Once the android port is ready (for Ice-cream sandwich), I'll try that and see if I get more use out of it.
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    A few weeks on from my original 'sunny-side up' answer ... I still don't regret the purchase despite the sound, quickoffice and pdf-reading quirks that have put a bit of a dampener on my plans for the device.

    Maybe there will be updates that address these things, maybe not, if not I would still find a use for the device and get my money's worth. It certainly wouldn't get sold, even for a bit of profit.

    I'll also be chucking Android on it if only to see how things compare side-by-side and to give myself more options.
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    Paid 69 for mine, best 69 I've spent in a long while. And now with the latest TigerVNC update I can even right-click on my remote Windows and Linux desktops.
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    I paid $250 for my 32GB model after liking the 16GB (for $225) which I sold.

    I'm pleased with it for that, despite the glass separation issue. I've enjoyed tinkering with it. It browses the web better than my ipad for non-optimized sites and I have a reasonable variety of games for it. It actually prompted me to buy a Pre 2 because I was enjoying it so much. (I had a Pre, then got a Droid Incredible 2 when HP dropped their announcement and it became obvious there would be no Pre 3).

    I've got an ipad also but I am really only using it for games and guitar practice amp. Browsing the web is somewhat unpleasant with it because it doesn't show flash.
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    After weeks of having a 16gb and 32gb version and doing the updates the first few days with the patches and Advanced browser.............Yes its worth it and no regrets

    I use it to check email, surf, read PDF books,

    Ebay has cheap 100 to 150 tablets but they are not even close to as good, and other tablets? The only tablets that seem better are Ipad and maybe Galaxytab

    I too feel $250 to $300 is sweet spot for tablets but CHina is charging more for building these, maybe time for China to price adjust?

    I can build a 2,000 Laptop and sell 100 of them, I could build it for 500 and sell a million

    That's the problem, they need to come up with an inexpensive way to build a quality tablet.

    HP thats the real challenge.
    I'm not here to criticize the Touchpad but to learn how to make it better.
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    i got mine on ebay, no regrets,, missed the firesale, however, i do agree with the following, no tablet is worth 5-600 bucks, not even with 3-4G, my laptop for the same money does far more. bigger screen, better keyboard better speed the works. saying that, it has some advantages, its quick and easy for me when i walk into a clients business, i have set it up for my work. yes it has some games on it, mostly, its strictly for work, its sits on my desk while i am in the office and is the first thing my client sees when looking at what i am selling. this is not rocket science. no tablet comes even close to a laptop in power or speed, and the portability of the tablet does NOT, equal higher price. the sweet spot, is around 2-300 bucks, and i include the ipad in that as well. just not worth more to me or to business people in the present set up.
    other than that, damn happy i spent the money,, it works and works well for what i spent.
    Life is short, Play hard, and enjoy every moment as if it was your last.
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    Not really, I just think of it as one piece closer to my full collection of webOS devices. Now if I can find the Pre 2 and the Pixi Plus...
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    Quote Originally Posted by archanfel View Post
    Are you saying the touchpad does not lack apps? Of course they are personal issues. I don't work for apple or google or hp, so I do not make up fake complaints or praises. I do not claim they are clear, concise or even necessarily correct. It's a new device and I am more than willing to learn my way around. If you know a way to reflow the texts or play html5 videos in the browser or input Chinese or use swype, please do tell. I can guarantee you that there are others who are hitting the same issues and would not even spend the time to complain before abandon the device.
    1. Swype is offcially only for android. Apple users do not even have it without hacking the phone which voids the warrenty.

    2. Chinese? well a quick search and I find several items. Pre user localizes webOS in Chinese | The #1 HP webOS, TouchPad, Pre, and Veer Community | Twitter / Jeffery created a Chinese IME

    3. HTML5 hmm Oh yeah my touchpad opens and plays the video just fine.

    If others complain maybe they should look around and ask questions.

    If your car runs out of gas do you junk it or do you look around for a gas station to get more gas in it.
    In a world of droid, Pre does it better.

    Shouldn't we treat this world like the Garden of Eden and avoid the apple at all costs?
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    I bought my TP about 30 days after the release for 582.00 shipped. Then only 15 days later, after I bought ALL the available accessories, HP did their deed! I did check out the 149.00 sales for the 32GB, but couldn't' find one. Amazon did let me return mine after the 30day cutoff and I was able to repurchase another for 227.00. So I got over my initial depression by justifying that HP gave me 50.00 in APPs....for my first TP and then AGAIN for my second one!

    I enjoy my TP, regardless of the price.

    I have had a few android tablets, this is preferable, for me. It's always a choice.

    Haven't used my Toshiba Netbook since, (and I like my netbook)

    So, yeah, NOT SORRY :-)
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    Not sorry here!
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    I'm not sold on tablets in general, but I have no regrets getting my Touchpad.
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    The number one reason I wanted a tablet of some sort was to be able to check email and calendar without having to run up and down the stairs to check my computer. For this, the TP fits the bill PERFECTLY. While watching TV, it allows me to use IMDB to look up shows, characters, etc., check FB, add movies to my Block Buster queue when I see a preview I like, and of course keep up with forums I post on. I also have no problems accessing my bank site to check balances or whatever, all without having to go upstairs to my home office. For $99 I am getting my money's worth and then some.

    Does it have some things that are mildly annoying? Sure but at $99 the only other alternative was a cheap Android tablet running Froyo from some fly-by-night foreign company that thinks if it's fully assembled then it passed quality control.
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