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    I got the 32gb and i like it. I knew exactly what to expect it was more or less on sale for scrap price so if i get a couple of years surf`in and reading mail & kindle i`ll feel it was a darn good deal. I can take this to vegas and sip latte`s and not worry about spills or theft.
    My 64gb ipad2 becomes the wifesitter. hahaha.
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    Quote Originally Posted by 9KRacing View Post
    I would have gladly paid $300 for mine. It's an awesome tablet. Open her up, you won't be sorry.
    I paid $256.00 for mines and I'm very happy with my tp.
    bit the bullet on ebay, I also have the HP case on the way. :-)
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    Quote Originally Posted by netwrkr9 View Post
    Don't be silly, I paid more for a coffee maker than my daughters TouchPad, lol.
    Cost me more to fill up my truck than what I paid for my touchpad! Gas is gone in a week, touchpad is still here.
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    115 for a 32GB Dual Core 9.7" Wi-Fi tablet is an absolute steal. After spending a weekend on vacation with it I am now in the process of listing my laptop and netbook for sale as they are no longer required for when I travel.

    As for its functionality, sure it lacks in some areas but with the massive influx of users and sales the app market is going to explode in the next couple of months.
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    I would've paid a lot more. I was kicking myself for missing the staples $300 deal
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    Quote Originally Posted by Gunnyman View Post
    But there's things horribly wrong like the browser.

    Yeah browser is pretty bad. When you open a new link in another card, it won't load until that webpage becomes your active card. This pretty much kills the way I browse: opening various links on separate tabs. From my understanding, Android and iOS are able to load webpages in the background; I don't see why webOS cannot.
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    When I pick up my new 4.5" Samsung Hercules galaxy S II I'll decide whether to keep it or sell it, and wish that Samsung would release the 5.3" Galaxy Note in the states soon to be my tablet phone

    Or if I get more courage to install Ubuntu
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    I'll regret it til android comes out for it
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    its quite simple:

    if you are 'sorry' or unhappy or don't like it sell it because you will never be happy with it. There are millions of people that would love to have it if you don't.

    you can't please everyone, and no product is perfect.
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    Paid full price July third. Got a second one in the fire sale. Put the second one in the mail to thee sandbox today. It' going to some one I know from another forum. Installed updates and a couple apps and games. Installed preware and uberkernal. Person is a computer tech so not worried about learning curve.
    I'm going to try to get another on round two of the fire sale.
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    Hell, I bought mine for $200 off craigslist after the firesale, and am waiting for the next round. I was happily impressed with webOS, and use it daily at work and home. Definitely not sorry.
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    I like it. I just got my touchstone cradle and hp tablet cover. I loaded the eclipse webos development plugin and I'm experimenting writing code. I like it!
    Even if HP drops webos support I do not think webos will go away. I don't think HP's CEO has a clue at what he's doing. Let's face it, he's a software guy and came from SAP. That's more than likely why HP is headed towards cloud support. Also they released the HP tablet with diagnostics fully enabled. Engineering 101, you don't release a production device with verbose logging enabled. As soon as I disabled the performance logging my tablet sped up big time.

    Maybe since the CEO seems to be loosing direction the board will vote him out and elect someone who understands what it is to be HP. HP used to be a hardware innovator.
    Come on HP.. get back on the horse and ride!
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    This is an amazing buy for even 2x.

    On top of all the fun things the TP can do I have it making calls through my Pre2, Synergizing to everything - including my Exchange account, got VPN up for work and can even print to work printers.

    I even ordered two more for my kids, but got got a cancellation notice from the eBay seller. Still on the HP notification list looking for 2 more.
    Pilot Pro -> Pilot Vx -> Kyocera 7135 -> Treo 650 -> Treo 680 -> Pre -> Pixi Plus -> Pre2 + TouchPad -> BB 9930 -> Pre3+ Playbook
    Verizon -> Cingular -> ATT -> Sprint -> Verizon -> ATT
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    I regret buying a 32GB, but for one 16GB it's a pretty damn good deal! I have 2 in total and need to get rid of the 32. But after owning this for a couple a days, I came to the conclusion that this thing is useless for the most part. It really needs more apps and I often go to my Macbook/PC Desktop or Smartphone for most uses. Reading on this heavy *** tablet isn't as nice on a ipad2 or kindle, and the pdf stinks, kindle on it stinks as well.

    This is like a luxury item to be on the internet while I'm on the toilet or in bed, since most of the apps are useless and the games suck.

    I hope android comes sooner as much as I like the multitasking on WEBOS, or more apps, this thing is pretty barren, and the browsing can be faster for more complex pages. Flash is overrated on mobile devices but it's nice to have nonetheless. I rather use a jtv app which doesn't lag as much on an apple device for watching streams instead of flash in a browser.

    It really is an outdated product. I can see why HP dumped it when you compare it to the competition within it's original price range, but at this firesale price it is a steal.
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    I'm not sorry at all, but the browser being pathetic is a big downer. Other than the web browser, it is a great product.
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    I am a little, I already had an iPad 2 but got catch up in the hype of the firesale. I got the 32 gig touchstone and case. 220 total, so I'm a bit over the 100 price I keep throwing around. Its much slower than the iPad 2 I do not like how flash performs either. Steve was right.
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    Quote Originally Posted by jblank View Post
    I'm not sorry at all, but the browser being pathetic is a big downer. Other than the web browser, it is a great product.
    Yes it is, I much prefer a properly formatted android browser. The browser is painfully weak. It may hurt webOS in the long run making it cheap enough android users bought them because it will expose webOS users to android.
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    For the price, I love my TP. That said, I definitely would not feel the same at $600 (I have the 32GB). While the UI is awesome on webOS, the fact that you need to patch the heck out of it for decent performance is a little disappointing, as is the app selection vs the other $600 beast in the room. However, it is a good tablet, and I very much enjoy using it. I use it as an ereader, a web machine, and for movies in the car...and it works quite well. I feel that at $350 for the 32GB, it'd be worth the price, but was of course happy to get it at $150. I think they'd have sold a ton if they had priced it at $250 for the 16 GB and $300 for the 32...built ul a big user base, drawn more developers, and then released a newer tablet for a little more money. Whoknows, though...maybe the last part will turn out that way anyway.
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    I'm only sorry that they wouldn't sell me two.

    I've been eyeing webOS since the Pre was launched. This is my first tablet, and first webOS device. I'm loving it. Sure, it took reading a couple of first-run guides and installing some homebrew patches to get it running optimally, but that sort of thing floats my boat anyway. I'm more than happy with the build quality, and I love that the software scene is so homebrew friendly.

    Next phone = webOS.
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    I absolutely love my Touchpad.
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