The touchpad's email is horribly designed in terms of what the "next message" is on email deletion.

As it sorts "down" (current->past), it shouldn't move "up" in the list when one deletes an email but down as that's the direction most users are going to be iterating through the mail in.

this patch fixes that behavior.

root@HPTouchPad:/usr/palm/applications/ diff -u B
ody.jsjsjs.$bak$ $Body$.$js$
--- $Body$.$js$.$bak$
+++ $Body$.$js$
@@ -$482$,$7$ +$482$,$7$ @@
 			$prev$ = $this$.$nextMessages$[$this$.$PREV_KEY$];
 		// $deletion$ $flips$ $the$ $next$/$prev$ $behavior$
-		$return$ ($isDeletion$) ? ($prev$ || $next$) : ($next$ || $prev$);
+		$return$ ($next$ || $prev$);
 	$confirmDelete$: $function$() {