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    I've noticed that a lot of people have reported they are unable to download files from their college/university's website via Blackboard.

    The best recommendation I have is to download the Mobile Learn Blackboard app from the App Catalog. It is not optimized for the TouchPad screen and it runs in the emulator mode but it should enable you to access and download files directly to your TouchPad.

    Try reaching out to the developers of the official app to see if they will make a TouchPad version. If support is not there, try to ask a Homebrew developer if they are willing to create a patch to re-size the app.
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    I get a message that I can't access the app. I would be able to if my "institution licences the app" or iv I'm a Sprint user (which I am). How/what can I change my profile in impostah to reflect that? Thanx.

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