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    is there a cheap pay-as-you-go 3G Wifi device that I can use with my Touchpad?

    I have a smartphone, but tethering costs $20 a month...

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    Where are you (country / state/province)?
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    I use a virgin mobile broadband2go stick with a cradlepoint router, that is actually my only source of internet for my computer, xbox, etc. and I am just fine with it. I don't think they offer the plan I have anymore which is unlimited use for $40 a month. I do know they offer 100MB for $10 if you are a light user. Location does matter though.
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    Three - Huawei E585

    or similar
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    With the amount of bandwidth you're likely to consume on the TouchPad, it's probably going to be cheaper to add tethering to your smartphone. Hmm, what carrier do you have? AT&T?
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    I'd just root my phone.
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    Quote Originally Posted by mattjargon View Post
    I'd just root my phone.
    Good point.

    What kind of phone do you have? If it's android, its too easy to get things set up.
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    I have the optimus v on virgin mobile and got a program from the market place to turn on the WiFi hot spot. It works great and grandfathered into the old plan at 25 a month
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    What program?
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    root root root

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