When I turn on my hp, I only see the USB logo. It doesn't let me restart, turn off or on again. I believe the battery is full cuz I just charged last night. I tried to connect my hp via a usb cable, but hp files or folders doesn't show up on my PC. Anyone has this kind of problem before or knows how to fix it?

Oh here's what I did that could be related to this problem
I overclocked my hp from 1.2 to 1.5 couples of days ago. Yesterday, I accidentally removed Uberkernel and Govnoh, so my hp automactly restared a few times. I later realized what was wrong, so I installed uberkernel and govnoh back. My hp was set back to 1.2 because they didn't let me overclock it one more time. I also updated my WebOS because hp asked me to do so, then I updated all patches after that.