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    Thanks for the tip op. It works great! Love my touchpad that much more.
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    Quote Originally Posted by 9KRacing View Post
    3. As of right now you can only respond to a message number that is being displayed, so if you erase a convo you can not initiate another text without it being in the convo list.
    Contacts can be added. From the touchpad messaging app go to the messaging menu and select add Buddy. Then choose google under im service. In the Buddy name field enter the phone number followed by ""


    Enter anything in the invitation message field and select add Buddy.

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    so if you have your Android phone with gtalk are you getting double notifications on your phone?one for sms one for gtalk
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    although I had a hiccup tonight and somehow all my contacts showed as offline. Then I had to reaccept the invites and it hasn't worked right since. Like 1 in 3 texts actually send, and I get like half on the touchpad. I'm going to play with it more.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Turboyo View Post
    so if you have your Android phone with gtalk are you getting double notifications on your phone?one for sms one for gtalk
    exactly. And judging from how the app functions, I don't see there being any work around for that. Therefore, I can't see myself having a serious use for this app. More annoying than it is beneficial.
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    Oh, I don't have the gtalk app installed on my phone. I only get the sms notification.
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    i just got my TP.. can you please tell me if i need to download any sms app? or is it the "messaging" app that i need to use..
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    I need to undo this, since I have gmail on my galaxy tab and android phone, I guess I never got the request on the touchpad but keep getting it every hour or so on the galtab and my phone. I only get emails of texts on the touchpad, I just want it to stop. I am getting a new email every few minutes due to texting.confused:
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    worked great the first time I tried! Thanks I love this thing more and more every day!
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    Quote Originally Posted by mitsueks View Post
    Ok just checking. I had connected my EVO3D using the freeTether and bluetooth method and I have been texting all day with out being connected to the internet here are work. Just trying to see which option was going to work best for me.
    Is there any way that you can elaborate on this?
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    deskSMS says there's 13 days left for my trial. Anyone else notice that?
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    sent from my thunderbolt
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    If you're getting email notifications, you need to go to the DeskSMS app and deselect gmail, that'll stop the emails.

    I was annoyed with it always sending me emails everytime I got a text and couldn't see any settings within gTalk to disable that, then noticed the emails weren't from gtalk, they were from DeskSMS. Problem solved!
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    I have not done so yet, but with Sprint, as you know, you can deep integrate Google Voice with Sprint. If this has been done, will Sprint phones (Pre minus or anything else) be able to do this?
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    I looked into porting my sprint number to google. Its 20 bux and you cancel your sprint contract and incure an early termination fee. If you were to do that, you could use this app called google text in the webOS market. It works, but it only uses your google voice number, and it only refreshes every 5 minutes, it doesn't push to your device. So far it seems that desksms is the best bet. However after using it all weekend I've realized it misses texts. Like only 2 out of 5 actually push. Half the time I send a text from my touchpad it just fails to push and never goes through. I still am looking for something that works flawlessly.
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    Wow. I hope they have this feature working for the pre's before the galaxy SII comes out. It's so tempting.
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    can't find the decksms in android app market. is it downloadable somewhere else?
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    i notice that I can always add <number> to the conversation and it'll send it through

    Now I add the above into the google contact (I've to add as both gtalk and email), and now I can send from the contact list!
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    Awesome how this is working for you guys. I gotta admit I'm jealous and not very fond of my Blackberry right now. I'm prob dreaming but will BB's ever be compatible with TP's?
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