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    I am admittedly an android ****** who bought a touchpad cheap with the hopes of porting android to it one day but in the meantime I want to give WebOS an honest to goodness chance to change my mind. It has been working great for youtube and as my kindle thus far and I am warming up to the facebook app. The biggest challenge I am having so far (day 2) is what to do with the useless desktop / homepage / whatever you want to call it. It seems I can only put 5 shortcuts on the launcher bar and not the desktop and I have not seen any widgets or anything like that. Is there anything I can do with the big blank space that is my desktop (for lack of a better term).

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    Why bother posting this? You already know the answer.

    Leave your cards open for things you use frequently. That is what the desktop is for.
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    First, I prefer the blank desktop. It's clean and uncluttered, and I can actually see my gorgeous wallpaper.

    However, if this is not for you and you prefer having a bunch of information readily available ala android, download the glimpse application. It runs in a card and you can have 5 different windows open. Each window can have a widget open such as weather, RSS feed, podcasts, stocks, etc, and play it all within this card. You can even surf websites via a small popup INSIDE the card. You can leave the card app open, or open and close it at your leisure.

    For me, this is the best of both words. When I want a clean desktop, I just throw the card away. When I want information available, I just keep the card open.
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    I will have to check out glimpse... I wasn't trying to be a smart ***, I promise. This is all new to me... now I need to find a taptalk replacement.
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    Quote Originally Posted by JerryO View Post
    I will have to check out glimpse... I wasn't trying to be a smart ***, I promise. This is all new to me... now I need to find a taptalk replacement.
    I'm not familiar with TapTalk, but I believe someone is working on something similar, check the Apps forum section for Communities
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    There is an app for WebOS 2 called Desktop Widgets.

    Desktop Widgets | The #1 HP webOS, TouchPad, Pre, and Veer Community |

    It would basically just refresh your wallpaper image with widgets that were updated at hourly intervals.

    Its really the only way to get widgets at this time.

    I do not think it works with WebOS 3.0 though.

    I guess you could email the developer and ask for an Enyo version.

    Plus, there are some widgets that live in the Notifications area like Weather Dashboard.

    The only other use of Widgets is Exhibition Mode

    They were designed for use with the Touchpad but there is a Preware patch out there that modifies the app so that it opens to Exhibition Mode and not the settings upon clicking on it.

    Some of us like it to sit in our Launcher area and just tap it to get Exhibition up.

    But like people said, webOS is designed to keep cards open. They run in the background and update, and the OS is actually optimised to run better with an app constantly open than constantly closing and opening an app repeatedly.

    Constantly reopening an app has shown to create a lot of garbage memory leaks rather than keeping it open on webOS. You actually use more ram by closing and reopening the app.

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