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    Does anyone know if TP has a build-in light sensor and capable of adjusting screen brightness accordingly?
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    Yes it does... now the real question is do they work? I have only noticed a small difference in the brightness...
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    It does, and I've noticed that it kinda works. The screen will change brightness with no discernible change in ambient lighting. Pretty annoying for me. I turned it off.
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    yep, I turned it off right away. Drove me crazy.
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    Where do you turn it off? Is that the "Auto Dim" setting in the Screen & Lock page? I thought all that does is dimming the screen after certain period of time.
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    The sensor itself is in the top right corner of the device (I noticed when typing in landscape "upside down").

    In Screen & Lock, uncheck Auto Dim (a poor descriptor, I know).
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    Yepp, turned me crazy as well. It's this auto dim thingy.
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    I must be the only one who likes the auto brightness feature on the Touchpad.

    It's very useful when I take out my Touchpad in a dark room... it dims so I
    don't get blinded.
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    Is it possible that some are getting their hand or something too near or covering the sensor so that it is causing the unwanted changes in brightness when the ambient light is relatively constant? Mine doesn't change in brightness except for the designed dim before turning the screen off feature. I believe the formula for that is 25-30% of the keep screen on duration. So if you have turn screen off after 1 minutes about 15-20 seconds before the screen will turn off it dims it down. I guess the idea behind this is a warning the screen will be turning off and also a power savings method perhaps. If you are almost always doing stuff you need the screen on long enough that this feature triggers the solution is increase the turn screen off after duration.
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    This thread has been dead for a while, I know. But is there a way to programatically find out what the light sensor sees? I'm thinking, if there is, then you can make an app so that when the sensor is in complete darkness (I.E. with the case closed) It will shut the screen off. I'm also thinking that this might be possible with the phones as well. Thoughts?
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