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    I know there is "Turn off After" setting to set the screen off value but the largest value I can set is 10 minutes.... is there a way to keep the screen on for longer than that? I actually want to keep it on until I turn it off, especially when it is drawing power from the power adapter.
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    I agree, I thought the "more standby times" patch would have migrated to the TouchPad by now.
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    I too was pretty surprised by the lack of a "never" option on the turn off settings. Maybe a preware type patch is in the works?
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    Yes, me too. I'd like to see that!
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    I just installed NoDoze (PreWare) and it seems to work! I turned it on, started Google Music; the screen went off and music continued to play. I then turned off NoDoze, let Google Music play; once the screen turned off, so did the music.

    And it has an option to keep the screen on as well.
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    Thanks, I was looking for a way to listen to radio stations (e.g. BBC radio on iPlayer) without it stopping when the screen went blank, and NoDoze is just what I needed.
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