Because of Hurricane Irene (power outage and no internet access), I was only able to set up my TouchPad last night and after playing around with it, I came away very impressed. I think I like the user interface better than Honeycomb on my Toshiba Thrive. Web Browsing felt very PC-like. YouTube videos played great and I was surprised at how good the speakers sounded. Overall, it felt zippy and I didn't experience any lag or sluggishness that I've heard from some people. Sometimes I did see delays when starting up an app but it didn't bother me (I'm assuming these delays were because I'm starting up the app for the first time so it needs to set up things). The virtual keyboard felt great. Physically, it feels solid and well-built to me. There's a certain polish and elegance in its design.

The only cons was the upgrade to WebOS 3.02 took longer than I expected (especially since I was antsy to play around with my new toy). I also didn't like how the screen was ON when I came home after leaving it to charge overnight from the USB charger (was the screen ON for the whole time I was away at work?). And I was confused on how to exit an app and return to the card view. I thought the only way to do this was to press the physical home button but thanks to this forum, I now know about gestures. Can't wait to go home to try it out.

This is an underrated Tablet. I wished HP had more patience and not have given up so quickly. I hope that more and more people discover and like WebOS so that other companies become interested in licensing it from HP and produce new hardware for it. I actually hope HP would change their mind about leaving the PC hardware business since I'm a fan of their hardware (I have an HP laptop that's been great).

I actually don't have much interest in seeing a port of Android to the TouchPad. I already have a Toshiba Thrive for that. But it's a good safety net in case WebOS doesn't survive. But right now, I want to support WebOS as best I can and see it get better. I am interested in playing around with learning how to program for WebOS. And I guess the best way to support WebOS is to buy some apps. So, off the top of my head, here are some apps I would like to see for my new TouchPad:

1. Comixology Comic App
2. Nook Reader
3. Pogoplug
4. KeePass