I just received a Pre3 and logged in to my WebOS account using the same details as on my existing TouchPad. The Pre3 tells me the account has been set-up and data will be restored after I restart the phone. However, when I hit 'Done' to restart, the restart fails and when I power the device back on manually, no data is restored.

In the accounts menu on the Pre3, it says 'HP WebOS Account' under the 'Account name', but in the 'Device info' menu it lists the correct WebOS account email address. Also, all of the buttons in the Pre3 WebOS account menu are grayed out, so I can't manually remove the account from the device.

I have tried doing a full Erase and going through the account login process several times, but it never seems to work.

Has anyone else experienced this? Any suggestions as to how I can fix?