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    Hey everyone!

    Iím about to go on my first international trip (next week) and I bought the touchpad with the idea that it would be my travel companion. But Iím stuck. Iíve been doing research and it looks like the Touchpad doesnít have ad-hoc networking capabilities. Ok, tethering to my TouchPro2 is out. Next option: download maps. I have spent too many hours converting my maps into .html and .jpg and I canít get it to work.

    I have a .html file on my touchpad but it is opening in a txt viewer when opened through Internalz. In pReader everything is blank except a link to the original website. I have installed Lightly Web Server but when I open the browser and try type the file path and localhost it just googles them.

    I have a .jpg file that looks really low-res and the zoom is terrible. The file is 5000x5000 so it should look awesome (and I expect it will be rendered slowly) but itís a blurry mess.

    Can anyone help me access maps with no data connection? Any other ideas? Different web browser or picture viewer? I love the idea of an interactive .html or a super-zoomable .jpg, however at this point Iím thinking my only option is to take a zillion .pdfís and turn it into a static ebook.

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    I converted my Touch Pro2 to Android 2.22 FRX07 (installation on SD card. ) and set up Wifi tethering. Took me 24 hours to do it but it works.

    You do not lose your Windows 6.5 install. On power off / power on, it reboots into Windows.

    Primary time consumers: getting the the SD card reformatted properly so the phone would read the Android install and figuring out that I had to manually input IP settings on Touch Pro and discovering what they were on the TP2.

    Then time to setup the Android programs on the TP2.

    If you want to go this route, PM me I can send you links.

    Also, search Android Froyo 7 on TP2.

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