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    I just loaded around 100 songs on my touchpad and many of them do not play. What file types does the default media player support? m4p doesnt appear to work but m4a appears to work. Any patches that could add support? Any other players available that I should purchase that are compatible?
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    ".m4p" files are protected (DRM) iTunes files and can only be played on Apple products. Apple has moved away from protected music content, thankfully: all new iTunes music purchases are now unprotected .m4a (AAC) and a much higher bitrate.

    You may be able to upgrade from the lower quality protected tracks for a fee (check with Apple)... or, if you don't care about sound quality, you can burn the protected tracks to Audio CD for free, and rip it back as unprotected MP3 or equivalent.
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    If you take the route of burning your m4p files to CD, rip them back in ALAC (Apple Lossless) so as not to degrade the quality of the audio any further. webOS supports this format just fine.

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