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    Hi guys, I just got my touchpad today and there are some issues i want to fix.

    1) I want to edit word documents on the touchpad with handwriting, I heard i have to update quickoffice but there are no updates displayed under software manager.

    2) I am trying to play back avi files with Kalemsoft 0.37. The playback is absolutely horrid, choppy and lags. When i try to navigate through the system folders it gets all messed up (the text overlaps the entire screen when i try to scroll down), and the playback is terrible once i finally get to my videos folder. its a 700 mb file 608x256. Also my TP is overclocked to 1.5

    3) Is there an app where you can write on the touchpad. Like actually handwrite with a stylus or something, not type.
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    handwritten notes app coming soon:

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