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    OK...the short version...I have been having a problem with my TP in that my calendar button brings up my Google calendar but only shows the current month, and the next two months. Numerous calls to support, finally lost patience and asked for a supervisor and still given the same answer "that's all that Google syncs". (Never mind that my Pre+ shows all calendar events for the next number of years) Anyway, I noticed that if I now added new events, no matter how far in the future, they showed on the TP! So I took about 30 minutes and edited all of my calendar events using my desktop on Google and added a space after the event's name and saved the change, synced the TP all of my events are showing on the TP!! It will be interesting to see if they stay, but for now all seems fine. Sure would like to get to the bottom of whether this is a TP problem or Google, but seeing as how it all showed before on my Pre+, it seems to me to be the TP's problem....any thoughts?
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    it is well documented that they only syn two months forward with google. Bad move on HP's part, but that's an intentional limitation.
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    Yes, I know that from my earlier conversations with support. My point to this post was that after editing all of my events by adding a space to the end of the title, saving the change and then resyncing the calendar ALL of my events (past present and future for many years to come) NOW SHOW on my TP!! Seems a bit odd, don't you think?
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    I think it has been fixed - I added an entry to my Google Calendar for Dec 1 through my TouchPad and it shows up on it as well as on Google.
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    No, that's actually still part of the designed behavior. The initial sync with Google calendar is limited to a 3 month window, but any entries created after the initial sync will show up no matter what time they are scheduled for. There is a fix for this.

    There's a patch called Google sync behavior patch. Actually there's a couple. What they do is broaden that initial sync window to 5 or 10 years. To use one of these patches, you need to go into the accounts app, select your google account, then set calendar to off & exit the app. What this does is break the association between the device & google calendar and delete the google calendar data from the device.

    Now you want to install the Google sync behavior patch. You can use the one in preware, but there's a thread for the development of the patch that has a much newer version. Just search for a thread called Google sync behavior. The primary developer of this patch is frantid. He is also one of the prime. Developers of another calendar patch called UberCalendar. This patch dramatically increases the utility of Calendar. There are separate versions of UberCalendar for the TouchPad & the phones (3 OS versions worth). If you're already doing the Google behaviors patch, you might want to consider installing UberCalendar as well - just make sure you remove ALL other calendar related patches (other than Google sync behavior) first since UberCalendar includes the functionality of most of them and more and so would conflict & fail to install. You particularly want to remove sconix's Advanced Calendar Prefs patch - again, UberCalendar includes most of that functionality. You'll find the TouchPad version of UberCalendar in a thread titled porting MetaView's UberCalendar to the TouchPad.

    After installing one or both of the patches, preware will tell you you need to do a Luna Reset. This is necessary so go ahead & select OK to do this. When the phone is done resetting, go into the accounts app again, select your google account, set calendar to yes, exit the app & you're done.

    At this point the device will sync to Google calendar, but this time, importing several years of events. In the notification area, you will see an icon that looks like a couple of arrows in a circle. That is the icon that webOS uses to indicate synching is taking place. When that icon goes away, you should be set with 5 years of events and any new events from this point on will sync no matter how far out it's date is.

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